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ETD: Uploading Electronic Theses and Dissertations

Step Five: Submit a Draft

Two weeks before defending your dissertation/thesis, you should submit a draft of your paper to the electronic publication platform. Please note that this draft will not be published
To begin the submission process online, log in to the Proquest platform. You will be asked to pay your fees and make choices regarding bindings, etc. However, this submission is a draft and will not be published. You can include notes to the thesis administrator in the library, Dylan Ryan, to make clear that the submission is a draft. To submit the draft, log in to the Proquest platform with your thesis materials and follow the prompts. The deadline for the final submission will follow your thesis defense. These dates will be well publicized, but they change from one semester to the next. This is a final submission, and will be published by Proquest. Log in to your account on the Proquest platform to make your final submission.


Step Five

Upload the PDF of your thesis or dissertation

Be sure to pay the Library Archival Charge. This is the UMass Lowell Archive Processing Fee ($50). Charges for services from ProQuest--e.g. print copies--are paid separately, to ProQuest, at the end of the uploading process.


Upload a PDF of your thesis or dissertation*

PDF is the required format for ETD submission. If you are unable to convert your manuscript into PDF, you have the option to upload a Word or RTF file below and we will convert your file into PDF.

Do you have any copyright permission documents to submit? * 

This refers to the use of others' work in your document that may require copyright permission from the authors whose work you are using.

If copyright permission documents are included in your dissertation/thesis file, you do not need to submit them separately.

  • Yes