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Arts Based Research



  • "We have... concretized our view of what it means to know. We prefer our knowledge solid and like our data hard. It makes for a firm foundation, a secure place on which to stand. Knowledge as a process, a temporary state, is scary to many."
    • Eliot Eisner, Reimagining Schools: The Selected Works of Eliot Eisner (1997), p. 178
  • "VIGOR, nor RIGOR"
    • "The 'success' of any given research project is linked to the research purpose(s) and how well the methodology has facilitated research objectives and communicated research findings."
      • Patricia Leavy, Method Meets Art: Arts-Based Research Practice (2009), p. 16

Reading #5:

"The Art of Criteria"
This piece uses found poetry to address questions of critical rigor and vigorous application of criteria in qualitative research. She argues that we need to continue to dialogue about applying criteria with rigor or adopting vigorous criteria and believes that “flexible criteria” exist and should be used when evaluating poetic inquiry.