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Arts Based Research

Rita Irwin

Author A/r/tography

Author A/r/tography

  • A/r/tography is an ABR approach
  • “An arts-based research methodology that inquires into educational phenomenon through artistic and aesthetic means. A/r/tographical research engages in pedagogical inquiry where the distinctions between researcher and researched become complicated, responsive, and undone.” –A/r/tography as an Ethics of Embodiment: Visual Journals in Preservice Education. La Jevic, Lisa; Springgay, Stephanie Qualitative Inquiry, v14 n1 p67-89 2008.
  • “Theory as a/r/tography creates an imaginative turn by theorizing or explaining phenomena through aesthetic experiences that integrate knowing, doing, and making: experiences that simultaneously value technique and content through acts of inquiry," 
    • Rita Irwin, A/r/tography: Rendering Self Through Arts-Based Living Inquiry (2004), p. 31

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