How To Import Citations From Google Scholar to Digital Measures


What You Can Do

 What You Can Do
In order to transfer citations from Google Scholar to Digital Measures you will first have to export them in to a text file called Bibtex. Google Scholar enables you to choose these files and export them.

The BibTex file can then be exported to digital Measures.


How You Can Do It

What is a BibTex File?
BibTeX is the most broadly supported standardized way to structure publication citations in a file. This makes it easy to move citations between two software applications. You export citations from one software application into a BibTeX file and then import that file into another software application. In this case, you are exporting from another software application and importing into Activity Insight.

► On the Google Scholar ‘Settings’ option, you set Library Links to export to BibTex.
► Then, with each citation in Google Scholar you will see an option to Export to BibTex.
► When you select that, you get a simple text file.  Just create a document and paste all these text files in, one for each citation. 
► You can then import that file directly into Digital Measures.

 There is a 3rd party plug-in for Firefox/Zotero that lets you batch export BibTex files from Google Scholar.  For a one-time project, it might be more trouble than the cut and paste option.

Importing Citations to Digital Measures from Other Systems: There are two ways for you to bring citations into Activity Insight from other databases. First, you can load BibTeX files into Activity Insight. BibTeX Imports enable you to import citations from a wide variety of reference managers or databases — for example, EndNote, Google Scholar, Mendeley, RefWorks, Scopus, Web of Science or Zotero. For more information on BibTeX Imports, please visit this page.

Second, you can import citations directly into Activity Insight from PubMed. You can connect to PubMed from within Activity Insight to search for and import your citations, or those of the user for whom you are managing data.