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Scholarship@UMass Lowell (UML Institutional Repository)

Information and submission forms on the UML Institutional Repository.


Scolarship@UMass Lowell has a hierarchical structure that has been set up similar to the different colleges and schools in the university.

  • Organizational levels are called communities.  The top level communities are named after the colleges and schools.
  • The next level is sub-communities.  These are typically the departments in that school.  There may be more than one level of sub-community.  Under the department, there may be specific programs or research departments that need items collected in one area.
  • Collections are the hierarchical level that actually contain the submitted items.  These should be set up so similar items are in one collection.  For example, collections may be created so all published items are together.  Another collection may consist of conference papers.

If you wish to contribute to a sub-community or collection that doesn't exist, you may submit a collection creation request.