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Scholarship@UMass Lowell (UML Institutional Repository)

Information and submission forms on the UML Institutional Repository.

What to contribute?

Scholarship@UMass Lowell accepts research and scholarship created at UMass Lowell including:

  • Journal articles (please verify that you are the copyright holder).
  • Pre-prints and post-prints of published articles.
  • Working papers and technical reports.
  • White papers.
  • Conference materials.
  • Book Chapters.
  • Images.

We are currently not accepting software, animation, datasets, audio or video recordings.  These may be added at a later date.

What shouldn't be submitted

There are some items that should not be submitted to the institutional repository. 

  • Items that are personal or of a family nature
  • Materials that are protected by copyright should not be submitted without permission of the copyright owner.  This includes copies of articles from copyrighted publications.

If you have any questions about the suitability of any item, please contact us.

Persistent URLs

All items submitted to the Scholarship@UMass Lowell receive a handle.  This is a persistent URL to items in the repository allowing a direct link to the item.  If you are viewing the item record, the handle is at the top beneath the title and author appearing in the format URI:

This URL or handle may be used as a permanent link to the submitted item.

Item visibility

Submitted items are visible to everyone and easily discoverable via search engines.  Once an item is submitted, the owner has the ability to request a change to the accessibility of an item.

  • Withdrawn items -Items may be withdrawn from Scholarship@UMass Lowell.  Withdrawing an item causes the item to appear to be deleted from the repository.  The item is still in the repository and may be restored at a later date.
  • Private item - Private items do not necessarily have restricted access.  The item is “hidden” from all searches and browses in the repository but it is still accessible with a direct link.  Private items are not guaranteed to be hidden from search engines. 
  • Permanent deletion -  Requesting this will result in the item being deleted from the repository.  Once deleted, there is no way to recover an item.