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Scholarship@UMass Lowell (UML Institutional Repository)

Information and submission forms on the UML Institutional Repository.

Changes and Withdrawls

Submitters may request corrections to submitted items after they have been included in Scholarship@UMass Lowell.  Changes and corrections may be submitted by completing the Change Request form.

Submitters also have several options to change the accessibility of their item:

  • Withdrawn items -Items may be withdrawn from Scholarship@UMass Lowell.  Withdrawing an item causes the item to appear to be deleted from the repository.  However, the item and all related data is still available and accessible by the system administrators.  Withdrawn items may be restored to the repository at a later date.  This may be used in a case where copyright issues may arise.  Once the issue is resolved, the item may be restored or permanently deleted from the repository.
  • Private item - Private items are not necessarily access restricted.  The item is “hidden” from all searches and browses in the repository.  It is still accessible with a direct link.  Private items are not guaranteed to be hidden from search engines.  The term private item only refers to the discoverablity of an item.
  • Permanent deletion -  Requesting this will result in the item being deleted from the repository.  Once deleted, there is no way to recover an item.