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Online Student Guide to UMass Lowell Library Services

Introduction to the University of Massachusetts Lowell Library resources and services for students in online programs.

eBook Collections

The UMass Lowell Library has many eBook collections. Some of these collections cover broad subject areas and others are limited to a specific subject.  Most allow you the option to either read the book online or to download the book or chapters by registering for a free account.  These accounts will usually give you access to special tools such as highlighting, notes, and remembering the page you last read.

Since these eBooks are available through different publishers, they may be organized in a different manner than you are accustomed to seeing.   Take a minute when you open one to see how it is organized and what features are available through it.

The O'Reilly eBooks and the Internet Archive require signing in and setting up a free account. When you open the O'Reilly eBooks site UMass Lowell will not be an institution listed but you can sign in with your UMass email credentials.  The Internet Archive site will require you to start a free account to obtain the full text version of the book and its format will look like a book with pages to turn

All of our eBook collections are accessible through the Library's catalog.