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Using Cite While You Write for Mac: Adding Citations to a Word Document

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All our databases, catalogs, and journal subscriptions allowHere are a guide to help you with each of our resources.


You can import PDFs of articles that will be added to your library as citations along with the attached PDF. These can be PDF's of references you already have saved in your library, or references not in your library at all.

1. Select File, then Import

2. Select the file/folder you wish to import

3. Check your import options. Here you can import a folder with subfolders as groups in your library. Select "PDF Folder as a Group Set". 

4. Select your Duplicates options. You can import all regardless of duplicates, or choose not to import duplicates.

5. Select Import

Once you have imported your PDFs you can move these references to a new group or edit the fields in the right panel if they did not transfer correctly. Here, you can manually change the author, title, journal, etc. 

Your PDF attachment appears on the right side of the screen, once you have a reference selected. 

Under your Preferences, you must Authenticate the UML library site so you can access full text. Under the "Find Full Text" tab in your preferences, type the following: in the "Authenticate with" URL box.

Now that you have done this, you have broadened your search for full text. You can now select citations to search for full text. Select the citations you would like to search full text for. In the the top menu select the icon with the magnify glass next to the document. A new group will appear on the left which will display the found full text citations.

Search within your own EndNote Library. EndNote provides a powerful and flexible Search Library command that lets you locate specific references or groups of references. For example, you can select a very general search, one that scans the entire library, or you can limit your searches to specific fields (such as Author or Keywords). You can also create more complex searches using a variety of operators such as And, Or, Not, Greater than, Less than, and others.