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PSYC.2690: Research I: Methods

What You Can Do: Using Interlibrary Loan....or Not

  • Take a look at the other articles that you found in the search for Aggression AND children AND television.  If we consider Neto and Furnham (2005), for example, and click on Full Text Finder below it, we will find that the various databases to which UMass Lowell subscribes do not provide full text access.

Using Full Text Finder

If you cannot access the above video, you can watch it here

When to Use Interlibrary Loan

So, are we out of luck?  

No.  We could log into the InterLibrary Loan (ILLiad) to request that the library obtain a copy for us.  But we won’t.  However, you will request an EMPIRICAL JOURNAL ARTICLE of your own choosing via interlibrary loan.  Obtaining this article will constitute Part B of this assignment.  For nowindicate which article you request; then submit a copy of the notification once you receive the article for the final two points of this assignment.

  • Before you request an article using interlibrary loan, you want to be sure the UMass Lowell library does not already have that article.  Below are three different types of article availability.  These three are found under the search we are conducting now (aggression AND television AND children) and are not eligible for your use in generating an ILL request for this assignment.

Types of Search Results

  • The first type of article is available electronically in full text, but not in PsycInfo.  When you click on Full Text Finder, you will find a link to it using another (possibly more than one other) database.  This is not an article you can request using ILL.
  • The second type of article links directly to a PDF or HTML Full Text copy in the PsycInfo database.  The distinctive icons will appear right in the search list.  Click on them to obtain the article.  You cannot request these using ILL.
  • The third type is not available electronically in full text.  You can see that once you click on Full Text Finder and realize there are no links to full text, just to interlibrary loan requests. HOWEVER, there is a possibility that the physical journal exists in the bricks-and-mortar library, so you will want to double check that before requesting it via interlibrary loan, but that happens pretty rarely—more often for older articles that would need to be scanned in from their paper copies.When there is no availability in an older paper copy, this IS the type of article you could request from ILL.


About Your Assignment

Note:  The above searches are examples only! Do not choose one of them to request via interlibrary loan!!  

  • Choose a different EMPIRICAL JOURNAL ARTICLE to request.  
    • Not a book
    • Not a chapter
    • Not a dissertation
    • Not a review article
    • Not a theoretical article
    • Do NOT want to deluge the librarian with 25 requests for the same article!  Doing so will exceed UMass Lowell’s copyright limit for requests of a particular article per year.
  • Do a search of your own on any psychological topic for an article to request by InterLibrary Loan.  Make sure you (1) use AND in your search to combine search terms, and (2) select a journal article article that is NOT available in the UMass Lowell collection in PsycInfo or by using Full text finder.
  • If you have not used ILL before, then click on First Time Users and follow directions
  • Once you have registered for Interlibrary Loan (ILL) then you will get a new window
  • Once you have logged in to ILL you will be able to click for a New Request from the option provided by Full Text Finder:  Interlibrary Loan Article/Chapter request
    • Notice that the required bits of information that will be populated automatically
  • After you have completed the required information and added the volume number and PsycInfo
  • Double check that you have requested an empirical journal article 
  • Then scroll down and select Submit Request.
  • You will receive an acknowledgement and a Transaction number that you should use if you have any questions later about this request.
  • When you receive your article via e-mail, save the message and submit it using the assignment drop box for the final 2 points of this assignment.