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PSYC.2690: Research I: Methods

What You Can Do: Finding Articles

From the Assignment

  • We will use two articles for this assignment and refer to them again later in the course (beginning next week).  So, you might want to save a copy of each of these articles to your computer.
  • The first is Boyatzis, Matillo and Nesbitt (1995).  Using the search strategies above (remember the Boolean connectors) find it and select HTML Full Text.  Save a copy of the article by going to the right sidebar marked Tools.  Select Save.

PsycInfo Article Review

If you cannot access the above video, you can watch it here

Keeping Track of Articles

  • Be sure to give your file names some title that makes sense to you. I usually use the author, date, and a little abbreviated summary of the topic, in this case, boyatzis_etal_1995_aggress_tv.htm
  • The second is Rosenkoetter, Rosenkoetter, Ozretich, & Acock (2004).  Find Full Text Finderwhich will take you to the full text that is available via a database other than PsycInfo, in this case, Science Direct.  Select Full Text Finder and wait a moment.  
  • A link to the article at the Publisher’s website is the first option that appears.  Since it is easier to save, read, and retrieve pdf files, and since this is an option, select PDF.
  • To save the pdf file, be sure to select the disk icon in the grey pdf toolbar, just above the article on the far left.
  • Read both of these articles.