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PSYC.2690: Research I: Methods

Recommended Readings

You will be able to complete the course successfully without purchasing these recommended books, but they will be of assistance to you in this (and, I assume, in other courses) should you desire to obtain them. 

If you have not taken many psychology content courses that require you to read the empirical literature—i.e., read reports of research and consider what the results mean—then you should seriously consider obtaining a copy of Forty Studies. It will help you to ground the methodological information we are covering in the type of content you are interested in. You will need to think this way to come up with a topic that will make an appropriate final proposal. 

Access to Titles in the Internet Archive

To read books in the Internet Archive, create an account. If the book is being used in one of your courses, read it online so that it will be available to others in the class. 

Very Important!

When you have finished your Internet Archive reading session, be absolutely sure to click the "Return Now" button, even if you plan to return to the book and read it again.