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PSYC.2690: Research I: Methods

Required Readings

You have an excellent textbook that is required for this course:

The companion website from the 4th edition has quite a few resources you can use:

Research and statistics workshops, and research methods videos are also available:

Recommended Readings

There are two other recommended books:

You will be able to complete the course successfully without purchasing these recommended books, but they will be of assistance to you in this (and, I assume, in other courses) should you desire to obtain them. Note that the edition of the APA Manual is critical; the specific edition is much less important for the 40 Studies book.

If you have not taken many psychology content courses that require you to read the empirical literature—i.e., read reports of research and consider what the results mean—then you should seriously consider obtaining a copy of Forty Studies. It will help you to ground the methodological information we are covering in the type of content you are interested in. You will need to think this way to come up with a topic that will make an appropriate final proposal. As of this writing, used copies of the 5th edition were available on ebay for as little as $5.00.