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PSYC.2690: Research I: Methods

PsycInfo: Getting full Text

If you cannot access the above video, you can watch it here here.

From the Assignment

  • There are a number of ways to find articles, the most efficient database for psychology being PsycInfo
  • After clicking on Databases, select either Psychology or alphabetical search by title. Then click on PsycInfo.
  • We’ll start with an Author search for the work of my graduate mentor, Jerome Kagan.  Type in Kagan. Select the field Author from the little drop-down menu.
  • How many did you find? Write it on your answer sheet.

Demo Video

If unable to view, visit:

Filtering Results

  • Scroll down and check the citations out.  Are they all by the same Kagan?  No.  So, let’s refine  
    • When you are on the detailed page for that article, you will see several categories of information, including the abstract, a valuable but brief summary of what the article does.  You will also see Author(s) with the author’s name(s) hyperlinked.  Select Kagan, Jerome
    • Alternatively, simply type Kagan, Jerome into the search box.
  • Now how many hits do you get?  Write it on your answer sheet.
  • Think about what you have found.  All items that Jerry has authored or co-authored in journals or book sources that are indexed by PsycInfo.  Items that have appeared in local newspapers won’t be there.  Many chapters that he has written will not be there. Unpublished conference presentations will not be there.  On the other hand, none of those are empirical journal articles. If you need to find any of the other items, you would have to change databases to something like Academic Search Premier (more general) or ERIC (resources in education) or Lexis-Nexus (news).  But we won’t worry about that. What is here is as good a representation of published empirical work as you will find.