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Center for Lowell History

Joseph Ares Collection


   Dee,Richie on sax 15                                                           Female Vocalist unidentified 19



        Madeiran clip 1                                                              Madeiran clip 2



  Male Guitarist unidentified 20                                  Male Guitarists-color-unidentified 21



Musician Trumpet unidentified 14.                                    Quartet unidentified 10



    Rodrigues, Lani Roddy 11                                              Silver Sage 7



Silver Sage Boys WMEX Stars 1947 16                                        Silvertones 6


              Woessner 8



        Ares - St Anthony Stage Show at Club El Toro 18                                                         Ares - tri-tones 4             


                    Trio 1946 12.jpg                                                               Trio 1946 CBS 13.jpg


     trio 1949 at Happy's 5                                                                        trio band 3


                 Trio unidentified 9                                                          Whitey Tooth Paste Hour 17.jpg


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Lowell Planning Development Photography



           Congress #110 cottage                                                               Map ethnic districts 001




              #7 Triple Decker                                                          Central #503 Cardoso's Dental Lab


         Central #512 Portuguese American Civic League              Central #557-561 Casa Portugal Furniture



                    Chapel #108-110 Triple Decker                                     Elm #76-78 Triple Decker




                Chamber #18                                                                      Chamber #20-26




                                                                                                             Chamber #54

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Portuguese Band


                 port band CD  inside pictures                                        Portuguese Bd CD Jkt all 4      


              Leite John                                                                                    LCW BEST - 3.0


                    Portuguese Band 1922                                                                  Portuguese Band 1930 (1)


                                                                      Portuguese Band 1930 (2)


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Portuguese City Directory 1931

City Directory 1931  Espinola

City Directory 1931  Ferreira

City Directory 1931  Mello

City Directory 1931 Mendes

City Directory 1931  Perry

City Directory 1931  Rodrigues

City Directory 1931  Silva

City Directory 1931  Sousa

City Directory 1931  Veiga

City Directory 1933  Falante

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Portuguese Immigration

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Portuguese Mill Girls 1912

Merrimack Mills

Portuguese Mill Girls

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Portugese Textile Workers

        Although Lowell's textile mills were crowded, noisy and hot, they offered work for men and, in particular, women who had few skills and spoke little English.  It was in the mills that many immigrants were introduced to American culture, traditions and language.  Despite these influences, however, many ethnic groups have retained much of their own  language, culture, and traditions to this day.

        George Kenngott, in his 1912 sociological study of immigration in Lowell, called the Portuguese a "quiet and well behaved people."  They were also considered a reliable workforce and, as a result, experienced steady employment throughout the textile industry in Lowell.  When faced with labor/management confrontation however, they did not hesitate to respond with confidence and solidarity.

      During the strike of 1903, for example, the Portuguese organized themselves separately from the other ethnic groups.  They survived because they had family members working in non textile jobs and had saved a portion of their weekly paychecks.  As a result, few Portuguese applied for strike aid, preferring to take care of themselves and their community. In the 1912 strike, they once again relied on their own resources to develop a co-op program for food distribution to affected Portuguese workers.

Suffolk Manufacturing

 Suffolk Manufacturing 2

Suffolk Manufacturing 3


                          Strike 1903                                                                                                             Strike 1912                           

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Rooney Collection

Green School

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Saint Anthony's Church


                         Church - St. Anthony - new                                                 Church - St. Anthony - Christmas


                                                                                              St. Anthony                                             




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Portuguese American Folklife Center


Sacred Garden 1                                                                                           Sacred Garden 2

Sacred Garden 3

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Portuguese Panorama

                                                                                                   Saint Anthony's church Parish Picnic

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Map Collection


                                                                                                                  map from ana



                                     Madeira                                                                                                    Map of ethnic districts



                  L9508 CN 05 - Lowell [maps] 1876 [LM]                                                              Lowell 1876 Bird's eye view



                                                                                                           Atlas - Back Central 1924 Plate_04a

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        To provide broader and more integrated services to the University community including students, faculty, and the general public, the Directors of the University of Massachusetts five-campus libraries established a series of “Initiatives” including Digitization.  In response the University of Massachusetts Lowell – Center for Lowell History designed the “Lowell History Digital Project”. If you are interested in Photographic Reproduction Services, Janine Whitcomb.





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Picanso Collection

Roche                                                                    Picanso and Sousa


Peter                                                                                              Perry


Random Portuguese Photographs

         This Collection possibly represents the work of one man, but his identity is unknown. We do know that during this time, a photographer named Silva worked in the Lowell area, but the city directories do not list him by name. These images document aspects of life in the Portuguese community from 1905 to 1930. The exact identities of the people in the photos remain a mystery: it is believed that the photos depict members of the Portuguese community who came to Lowell from the Azores, Madeira, Cape Verde, and continental Portugal. Like many immigrants to Lowell, the Portuguese came looking for jobs. They found employment in the textile mills, foundries and tanneries.

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Correa Photography


Correa, Manuel and Maria Picanso 006                                  Correa, Manuel Lowell Fire Dept004



Correa, Manuel on right top 003                                                            Correa, Picanso article009




Correa, Player Manuel Correa001                                                 Correa, Player Manuel Correa002



Correa,Manuel Family w. Picanso 005                       Correia, (sp different) Manuel w wife Maria Espinola w/daughter Maria007



                                            Picanso, Mary Avila wife of Antonio Picanso woman008

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John Falante Family Collection


Falante car                                                        Falante  soccer


 Falante Wedding                                                    Falante Wedding


Lure of Spindle 003                                                 Lure of Spindle 004


Lure of the Spindle 005                                     Lure of the Spindle 006


Lure of the Spindle 007                                 Lure of the Spindle 012


Lure of Spindle 013                                          Lure of Spindle 014


Lure of Spindle 016                                          Lure of Spindle 017


Lure of Spindle 018                                             Lure of Spindle 019


Lure of Spindle 020                                      Lure of Spindle 021


Lure of Spindle 22                                                Lure of Spindle 23


Lure of Spindle 024                                                     Lure of Spindle 025


Lure of Spindle 026                                          Lure of Spindle 027


Lure of Spindle 028                                                 Lure of Spindle 029


Lure of Spindle 030                                        Lure of Spindle 031



Lure of Spindle 032                                             Lure of Spindle 033


Lure of Spindle 034                                       Lure of Spindle 035


Lure of Spindle 036                                                Lure of Spindle 037


Lure of Spindle 038                                            Mills 011


Musicians Food 008                                               Textile Workers 010

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Leite Collection

The Leite Collection of Lowell Portuguese Photographs were provided to the Center for Lowell History by John Leite.

John Leite of Local 300 (Lowell, MA) has been an active member of the AFM since 1955. He’s enjoyed an impressively long career of touring, performing, and backing up artists including Paul Anka, Louis Armstrong, Frankie Avalon, Tony Bennett, Della Reese, Diana Ross, Donna Summer, Frankie Valli, The Supremes, The Temptations, Martha and the Vandellas, The Everly Brothers, Barry Manilow, Anthony Newley, and many others.

First Communion            

First Communion                                         John and Dolores Gouveia 


Mary Foley                                                                   Leite Family


Maria and Manuel  with Family                      Violante and son John


Wilhemina and Mary                                            Lima Frank in uniform with Leite Family


Sousa Violante                                                   Violante and Maria


Violante John Belmina                                             Wedding 1913


Antonio Leite Loureiro's  Father,                                                          Fernando De Freitas Loureiro 

Fernando De Freitas Loureiro                                                                  



Fernando De Freitas Loureiro                                                         1969 Fernando De Freitas Loureiro   


Antonio Leite Loureiro's Mother,                                                            Adalice Teodomira Leite    

Adalice Teodomira De Cunha Leite   


 Adalice Teodomira Leite                                                 1980  Adalice Teodomira Loureiro


Parents wedding Fernando and Adalice                               Violante Sousa Leite Fernando and Adalice Loureiro

Loureiro 8/27/1944, Lowell                                                Belarmino de Cunha Leite (Adalice's Uncle was Best Man 

                                                                                        and His Wife Violante was Maid of Honor


Rachel Lourerio Antonio Augusto da Silvia Loureiro         1st Anniversary of Adalice and Fernando Loureiro 8/27/1945

Adalice and Fernando Loureiro, Rosa de Freitas

Melo (sister and parents to Fernando Loureiro


  1st Anniversary of Adalice and Fernando Loureiro          Fernando Loureiro   with his son Antonio Leite Loureiro 1947 on Center St Lowell Ma

with his parents Antonio Augusto de Silva, Rosa

de Freitas de Melo and Rachel Loureiro 




Fernando Loureiro with his son Antonio Leite Loureiro               Antonio Leite Loureiro  at 6 Months 1947

1947  at Saint Anthony's Grounds.


 Antonio Leite Loureiro  at 1 year 12/1947                              Antonio Leite Loureiro  about age 4-5


Adalice Leite Loureiro, Fernando de Freitas Loureiro                         Neighbors and Friends from St. Chapel St on an outing at Lynn Beach

and Antonio Leite Loureiro at Lynch Beach with                                   with Adalice Leite Loureiro, Fernando de Freitas Loureiro        

 with a neighborhood from Chapel St, Lowell MA                                  and Antonio Leite Loureiro


Antonio Leite Loureiro in a Portuguese                           Antonio and his mother Adalice Leite Loureiro

Procession on Gorham St in Lowell Ma                            and two unknown friends 


 Antonio and his mother Adalice Leite Loureiro                     Antonio Leite Loureiro 1st Communion Picture

and Mr and Mrs Mello                                                               on his front steps at 57 Chapel St Lowell MA 


Antonio Leite Loureiro dresses as a Cowboy                               Antonio Leite Loureiro                        

about 4-5 at 57 Chapel St Lowell MA


Antonio Leite Loureiro and his mother                                  Antonio Leite Loureiro's Jr. High Picture at his home           

Adalice Leite Loureiro at 57 Chapel St Lowell MA                  on 8 Cady St. Lowell MA


Adalice's Brother Aldemar de Cunha                                Aldemar de Cunha Leite with his daughter-in-law                     

Leite with his wife Maria Lourdes Leite                             and wife Maria Lourdes Leite, sister Adalice  Lourdes Leite 

holding her granddaughter Elsa Leite                                and her husband Fernando de Freitas Loureiro

with his son Elpido J Leite and his wife 


Aldemar de Cunha Leite with his daughter-                      Aldemar de Cunha Leite with his wife Maria Lourdes Leite

in-law and wife Maria Lourdes Leite  on                           daughter-in-law and son Elpido J Leite holding his daughter

Center St. Lowell Ma in 1960                                               Elsa Leite 


Aldemar de Cunha Leite with his 

daughter-in-law and son Elpido J Leite holding his daughter 

Elsa Leite and Aldemar's wife Maria Lourdes Leite 

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Melo Family Collection


                          Mello 001                                                                                                    Mello 002 



                                   Mello 003                                                                                                          Mello 004




                 Mello 005                                                                                    Mello 006


                                                                     Mello 007

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Pat Nickles Collection


Nickles - Santos, Charles Family w Kennedy 1                                  Nickles - Santos, Charles sworn in by Kennedy 1967 2



Nickles- Santos and Sons w Charles Jr and employees 9                           Nickles- Santos Brothers Roger and Charlie 10



                 Nickles- Santos Family at 25th ann 7                                           Nickles- Santos w Kennedy and Cardinal 16




         Nickles- Santos w Kennedy at banquet table 17                          Nickles- Santos, Charles  US Post Office Dedication 3



       Nickles- Santos, Charles and Ruth at wedding 6                                 Nickles- Santos, Charles at banquet table 5


Nickles- Santos, Charles in London Street School 3rd grade012                          Nickles- Santos, Charles Sr 8 



     Nickles- Santos, Charles w  Kennedys at gathering 15                                    Nickles- Santos, Charles w Cardinal 13



Nickles- Santos, Charles w Class Officers at Butler Jr High 1938 11                Nickles- Santos, Charles w Kennedy lunching 14


                                                        Nickles- Santos, Charles w other athletes Butler School 1938 4


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Herbert Pitta Family Collection


                         Pitta, Herbert Jr 1                                                                            Pitta, Herbert Jr 2



                    Pitta, Herbert Jr 3                                                                                       Pitta, Herbert Jr 4



                     Pitta, Herbert Jr 5                                                                                    Pitta, Herbert Jr 6


                     Pitta, Herbert Jr 7                                                                            Pitta, Herbert Jr 8



                     Pitta, Herbert Jr 9                                                                            Pitta, Herbert Jr 10



                     Pitta, Herbert Jr 11                                                                       Portuguese - Fr. Grillo Silver Jubilee 1948


   Portuguese - Fr. Grillo Silver Jubilee 1948 2

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Ramalho Photograph Collection


                                Boy 15                                                                                             Carlotta m Manuel 3



                               Children (3) 16                                                                                    Couple Outdoors 22



                          Family (5) 5                                                                                         Family w female musician 12



                         Female Grad 8                                                                                             Female (2) 17




                      Females w boy 10                                                                      Group (4) couple in window 21



                     Males (2) auto 19                                                                                     Males (5) 20



                          Men (2) 4                                                                                         Men (3) on truck 9



                   Mother and child 13                                                                                    Parade (5) 6




                Parade in neighborhood 11                                                                                 Procession 7



                   Ramalho, Ernest 1                                                                               Silva, Carlotta m Manuel Ramalho 2

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Ritchotte Veiga Family


Ritchotte Page                                               Luiz and Maria Veiga


 Maria Veiga, Red Cross                                          Maria Veiga


 Merrimack Mills, Luiz upper left                                Veiga Family


Veiga Luiz                                                            Luiz info

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Vieira Machado Family Collection

Machado Edward James 1937

Vieira and Machado Wedding 1923

Vieira Sisters (Maria, Rose, Bertha)

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Camara Collection of Portuguese Photographs, 1905-1915

To provide broader and more integrated services to the University community including students, faculty, and the general public, the Directors of the University of Massachusetts five-campus libraries established a series of “Initiatives” including Digitization.  In response the University of Massachusetts Lowell – Center for Lowell History designed the “Lowell History Digital Project”. If you are interested in Photographic Reproduction Services, Janine Whitcomb (