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charles peirce full height
Charles Sanders Peirce. Photo by Unknown author. PD

Charles Sanders Peirce, (10 September 1839 – 19 April 1914) was an American philosopher, logician, mathematician and scientist who is sometimes known as "the father of pragmatism".

Educated as a chemist and employed as a scientist for thirty years, Peirce considered himself, first and foremost, a logician. (Wikipedia)

"Charles Sanders Peirce was the son of Benjamin Peirce, one of the foremost American mathematicians. During his childhood, his mother, Sarah Hunt (Mills) Peirce, took second place to his dynamic father, who personally supervised the boy’s education and provided a role model that inspired but also proved impossible to emulate. Convinced of his son’s genius, Benjamin Peirce encouraged his precocious development. Charles began the study of chemistry at the age of eight, started an intense scrutiny of logic at twelve, and faced rigorous training in mathematics throughout his childhood. In the latter case, he was seldom given general principles or theorems. Instead, he was expected to work them out on his own." (Salem Press Bibliographical Encyclopedia)

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