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Electrical and Computer Engineering Research Guide

A collection of library and web resources for electrical and computer engineering classwork and research.

Communication Systems & Signal Processing

Communication systems deal with the design, development, and analysis of systems that transmit and receive information, such as radios, televisions, and mobile phones. This field involves the study of modulation, coding, and error correction techniques, as well as the design of antennas and fiber optic telecommunication networks. Signal processing deals with the manipulation, analysis, and interpretation of signals involving the use of mathematical techniques. Examples of signal processing appear in areas of communications, control, image and video processing, radar, sonar, geophysical exploration, and consumer electronics. In summary, communication systems focus on the transmission of information, while signal processing focuses on the processing of information. Both fields are important for the development of modern communication systems and are often used together.

We have gathered some resources below to assist your communication systems and signal processing coursework and research.

Library Resources

Web Resources