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How to Use EndNote

How to Download Endnote

You can download Endnote by navigating from the UMass Lowell home page to Information Technology, in the directory, and click on Licensed Software, linked here. 

There you will see the whole list of software which students faculty and staff have access to. Click on Endnote.

Below is a direct link to the page, which includes instructions.

Getting Started With EndNote

After you have downloaded EndNote onto your computer you should see a screen similar to this one.  

Select "Set up your account" to begin the log-in/sign-up process. From this window you can either log in to an existing account or sign up for EndNote as a new user. 

If you already have an account and wish to transfer existing EndNote libraries follow these directions:

You can easily transfer EndNote Libraries between the EndNote desktop version and EndNote Web. If you already have an EndNote Web account, the EndNote program will ask if you want to merge the accounts the first time you open the EndNote program. You should plan to edit references in only one place—either the Web library or the desktop library, and then perform the transfer process. 

Duplicate references, found in both the EndNote Web library and the EndNote desktop library, cannot be synchronized. When you copy duplicate references from one library to another, the references in the target library are overwritten. Both EndNote Web and EndNote desktop have a Find Duplicates option that allows you to remove duplicates after they are transferred. 

Upon setting up your account or logging in, you will be prompted to a view panel with tabs on the left of several different preferences for your account. Some of these include full text, sync, display fields, display fonts, etc. You can access your account preferences on your windows:

EndNote online is a feature set within EndNote desktop and ResearcherID. It provides a range of bibliographic management tools on the Web. You can import and edit references via a personal EndNote online account, and then cite the references in papers and create bibliographies. 

EndNote online can search PubMed, and hundreds of other online library databases to help you build a personal reference collection. 

Registering with EndNote Online and Activating the Sync Process

Using EndNote allows you to synchronize the references (including files and figures) in your EndNote library with the references in your EndNote online library without having to export and import files. 

You must first register and have an active EndNote online account to initiate the Sync process. When completed, EndNote automatically proceeds w ith the Sync process and updates your new EndNote online library to match the custom groups in your EndNote library.

I Already Have an EndNote online Account

  1. Click the Sync button in the Library toolbar to go to an EndNote online login dialog. 
  2. Enter your e-mail address.
  3. Enter your EndNote online password.
  4. Press OK to initiate the Sync process.

Since you already have an EndNote online account, EndNote populates the fields on the Sync Preferences page with the e-mail address and password that you entered on the EndNote online login dialog. Later you can change the data in these fields if you ever change your e-mail address or password.

I Do Not Have an EndNote Online Account

  1. Click the Sync button in the Library toolbar to go to an EndNote online login dialog.
  2. Click the Sign Up button on the EndNote online login dialog to go to a User Registration dialog.
  3. Enter your e-mail address in the User Registration dialog. Retype your e-mail address, and then click the Continue button.
  4. Enter your personal information in the required fields on the next User Registration form. For example, enter your name, a password, a title, and fill in the remaining fields.
  5. Click the I Agree button to complete the registration process and to begin synchronizing your EndNote online library with your EndNote desktop library.

Once you create your EndNote online account, EndNote populates the fields on the Sync Preferences page with your e-mail address and password that you entered during registration. Later you can change the data in these fields at anytime if you change your e-mail address or password.

Sync Preferences

Sync Preferences allow you to set your preferences so that:

You only have to enter your e-mail address and password once in Sync Preferences and not each time you manually synchronize your references between EndNote desktop and EndNote online. 

You can have EndNote automatically begin the Sync process every 15 minutes (background processing) by selecting the Sync Automatically check box.

To access Sync Preference, go to the EndNote menu, select Preferences, and then click Sync in the list of preferences. 

When you search a library for citations, several options are listed. You can change these field displays in your preferences tab.

The Find Full Text tab in your preferences allows you to search the library catalog. 

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Navigating EndNote

A library is where all of your references are kept. Upon signing up for EndNote a library is already created for you.

To create a new library:

1. Go to File
2. Select New
3. Name your library and save to your documents

Only create one library and organizing your library by groups which is discussed here. 

The main bar for EndNote looks similar to the image shown above. A description of some of the main buttons are listed below:

The left panel will display a screen similar to this one. This is your library. All of your references, searches, gourps etc will be displayed here. 

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Endnote for Mac

If you cannot access the above video, you can watch it here

Endnote for PC

If you cannot access the above video, you can watch it here