How to Use EndNote

Welcome to the Using EndNote Research Guide

The purpose of this guide is to not only get you started with the EndNote software, but to also provide helpful tips and strategies to get the most out of this citation manager. The guide is broken down into the following sub-pages, following EndNote's keynote functionalities. 

Getting Started: Download EndNote and begin by setting up your account and setting your preferences. Also understand the basics of the software, including navigating EndNote and various toolbars and buttons. 

Find It: Add references through an online search and direct export. Also import PDF's, find full-text and search your EndNote Library. 

Store It: Learn how to organize your citations and PDF's into groups, attach files and annotate your PDFs. 

Create It: Cite references as you write using EndNote

Share It: Learn how to use EndNote to collaborate with your colleagues by sharing your library.

Match It: Find the best potential journal to publish your research in

Why Use EndNote?

What is Endnote?

EndNote works as a citation manager. It helps you find databases, full-text PDFs, and then store these into groups and libraries which can be accessed on-the-go. At the same time, you are able to build your bibliographies right from the software and then use EndNote to share your research and collaborate with others.