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What is a balance sheet?

A balance sheet lays out the ending balances in a company's asset, liability, and equity accounts as of the date stated on the report. The most common use of the balance sheet is as the basis for ratio analysis, to determine the liquidity of a business. Liquidity is essentially the ability to pay one's debts in a timely manner. The information listed on the report must match the following formula: Total assets = Total liabilities + Equity

What is a Treasurer's Report?

A written treasurer's report includes the name of the organization, the period covered by the report and the cash balances at the beginning and the end of the period. Also included are any income and expenses that occurred during the period, which may be reported as individual items or as a net effect on cash flow.


From the collection of documents, we have gathered a selection of tax records for the Courier-Citizen Company. These documents are in the range of 1909 - 1972. Some of these tax records include balance sheets, treasurer and auditor's reports, tax returns, etc.

Balance Sheets

Corporation Income and Profits Tax Return