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How to Use Digital Profiles

What is Digital Profiles?

Digital Profiles is a repository for
 the building blocks of your professional activities, research, scholarship, and service. 

Digital Profiles is a simple and effective way to store and export data on a faculty level and a departmental level. This program allows you to input and organize your information on teaching, service activities, research, grants etc. while also having the capability to download this data as a specific formsuch as a 16A Annual Faculty Report, CV or NSF Sketch.

How to navigate this research guide

This guide will get you on the right track to starting your Digital Measures Profile. Begin by looking over the descriptions of this guide's pages:

  • How to Use Digital Profiles: Understand how to start your Profile and get a feel for the layout of the program, including its two main features: Entering Data and Displaying Data.

  • Entering Data: The first of DP's features; learn the basics of imputing your information onto the website with tutorials, step-by-step instructions and testimonials. A sub-page of this includes importing citations from a secondary site and additional tips and features.

  • Displaying Data: The second of DP's features; learn how beneficial Digital Profiles really is with these tutorials and testimonials on how to download forms.

  • Benefits of Digital Profiles: Understand where this information is being used and how effortless DP makes communication across the campus.