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Native American Archival Resources for the Merrimack Valley and Beyond

This LibGuide was created by the University Library to provide a hub of resources to further the study of Native American history and culture of the Merrimack Valley and northern New England. It is meant to be a dynamic resource and expand as more items and collections are added. Special attention will be given to Greater Lowell and the Native American lands upon which UMass Lowell was built. The guide will also provide resources on attitudes toward and perceptions of Native Americans including their use in public symbols. The guide is organized by type of resource ranging from signposts to texts. The hope is that this collection of resources will assist in separating legends from facts and raise awareness of the peoples who came before us. 

Abenaki couple antique painting of two native american people

"Abenaki Couple" an 18th-century watercolor by an unknown artist. Courtesy of the City of Montreal Records Management & Archives, Montreal, Canada.