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Native American Archival Resources for the Merrimack Valley and Beyond

Archeological and Antiquarian Discoveries and Studies

native american axe heads

Fig. 20 Axes (broken) found in fields near Fort Graham by Walter Stickney S. 50.

Moorehead, Warren King 1866-1939., Certain Peculiar Earthworks Near Andover, Massachusetts. Andover, Mass: The Andover Press, 1912.

native american gouges

Detail of Fig. 6 Gouge found at Newbury, Mass. Pottery from site of Lowell Textile School. (now UMass Lowell North Campus) S 1-2. page 18.

Moorehead, Warren King 1866-1939., Benjamin L Smith (Benjamin Lincoln), 1900-1981. The Merrimack archaeological survey, a preliminary paper 1931 Print Book.

map of Lawrence and Andover 912

Map of Lawrence and Andover