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Google Scholar Search Strategies

Google Scholar Features

edit citations


At any time you can edit a citation in your "My Citations" homepage. Select the article you which to edit. After 

selecting the article you will see a screen similar to this. Select edit on the top options menu.

You have the option to export one, some or all of your citations. On your "My Citations" page, select the articles you wish to export. And then select "Export"export citations

export dropdwon menu

You will be prompted to choose which format you would like to export the citations in. 

If you wish to add co-authors you can search Google Scholar profiles in the right hand side on the "My Citations" page. After searching a name, a list of Google Scholar profiles will appear. Select "add co-author" on the right when you find the correct profile. These will now appear on your Google Scholar page and can be deleted/edited on the right side of the "My Citations" page.

citation indiices

co authors menu

Sometimes Google Scholar has two different versions of the same articles. You can merge two or more articles together. On the "My Citations" screen check the box next to the articles you wish to merge. 

On the top menu select "Merge"

merge articles menu

You will then see screen which asks which article is the most up-to date. Choose your selection and select "merge".

 merge duplicates menu

Not only will this erase duplicates, it will also merge citations, deleting overlaps. For example if one article was cited 60 times and another 40 times, but after the merge the total number of citations was 90, this indicates that 10 papers cited both of these articles.