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Google Scholar Search Strategies

Who Should Make a Google Scholar Account

You must have a email address to create a public Google Scholar profile. Researchers, scientists and professors can all use Google Scholar to keep track of their publications and citations, as well as organize papers of interest and explore related fields. You may want to look at some examples of UML Google Scholar profiles on the home page.

After setting up a profile, learn how to track citations and add articles manually. For tips and features of Google Scholar including editing and exporting citations, adding co-authors and merging articles click here.

Read below to set-up your Google Scholar profile.

Follow these steps to set up your Google Scholar Profile

Step 1: Create your profile

After you've signed in with your Gmail account, return to the home screen. Select "My Profile".


 google scholar landing page with arrow


You will then be prompted to create your Google Scholar profile. Edit this page with any information you want to share. You must use your email to verify your account and appear as a public page.





Step 2: Add Articles

After selecting "Next Step" at the bottom of the page, you will be instructed to add your articles. Here, there are two options 1. add articles by group 2. add articles individually. 

1. When adding by group, a screen similar to this will appear:

profle edit page

If you find your full name you have the option to add all articles or see all articles:

profile edit page

When you select "See all articles" you can check the articles that are yours and then select "add" at the top. 

2. The second option is to add articles individually. Select add articles on the left side, to see a screen similar to this:

profile edit page

You can individually select articles that are yours and then press "add" to add them to your citations

After completing the Google Scholar set-up you can always add more articles. On your "My Citations" home page, select add:

You will see a very similar screen to the one you saw upon setting up your profile; however, you now have a third option to add articles manually. To learn more about adding articles manually click here.

Step 3: Select Update Settings

The last step is a Google Scholar prompt which asks if you want them to automatically update the content (new publication) or confirm with you first. You will see a screen similar to this:

google scholar profile edit page


Google scholar profile edit screen

You can change this setting at any time from the "My Profile" page. Select more and under the toggle 
menu, profile updates.