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About MMP Co.


  Joan Fabric Corporation occupies a sizable factory complex on the south side of Western Avenue along the   Pawtucket Canal the buildings of the complex range in height from five stories to one, and in construction date from ca. 1890 to ca. 1930 or later. Six individual or groups of structures were identified and inventoried, and are presented (and numbered under current Name) in this volume in a progression from east to vest. Descriptive information on the individual units is contained within the individual forms, but most of the historical information on the whole site is contained on this first form, along with the Archeological Comment. The most prominent structure in the Western Avenue yard of the Joan Fabric Corporation stands beside the Pawtucket Canal, near the east end of the yard Five stories tall, the structure follows the north bank of the canal, forming a convex curve on that side. On the north side of the building, off-center toward the east, is a stair tower that rises to seven stories and displays "JOAN" signs north and south.