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Start building your network

One way to build your network is by inviting your peers, colleagues, and co-authors to signing up for a ResearchGate account. The more followers and co-authors you have on ResearchGate, the more likely your work will be viewed or downloaded.  Also, you will be able to see what your peers are working on or publishing. 

How can I invite my colleagues?

Step 1: Go to your ResearchGate Live Feed. (You’ll see a related researchers list on the right-hand side.)​

Step 2: Click the Invite your colleagues button below this list

Step 3: Enter your colleague’s email address. If you want to invite multiple researchers, separate their email addresses with commas.

Step 4: Type in an optional message

Step 5: Click Invite to confirm and send the invitation.

How can I invite my colleagues to join ResearchGate?


Step 1: Go to your Related researchers page

Step 2: This will take you to the Find your colleagues page

Step 3: Click on your email provider and follow the instructions provided. 

Step 4: Select the email address of the person from your contact list. 

Send Account Nomination

Account nominations let people create a ResearchGate account without the need for an institutional email address.

Step 1: Once you are logged in to your ResearchGate account, go on the top right-hand side, and click on the down icon that is next to you profile picture. 

invite colleagues screen on researchgate home page

Step 2: Click on the Invite Colleagues.button.

Step 3: Enter your colleague’s name and email address. 

Step 4: Type in an optional message

Step 5: Click on Invite to confirm and send the invitation.


How can I follow another researcher?

Following someone on ResearchGate means you will be able to see updates about their publications and contributions.

  • After searching for the person, you can click the follow button on the top right hand side of his or her profile.

  • You can also follow other researchers on while you are on the related researcher’s page.