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Zotero Citation Software

Citation management tool for writing and collaboration.

Installing Zotero

Zotero can be used with following platforms and browsers:

Platforms Browsers



Linux 32-bit

Linux 64-bit





Additional Zotero Installation Instructions are available on the Zotero website.

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Installing Word Processing Plugins

Word processor plug-ins are automatically installed with Zotero. If you need to add word processor plug-ins later, or if you want to disable the plug-ins, you can do that through the Zotero application. Note: Google docs integration only requires having a browser connector installed.

1. To install word processor plug-ins, select: Edit > Preferences

Zotero menu showing Preferences option under Edit

2. Next, select the Cite tab, followed by the Word Processors tab.

Zotero Preferences window with Cite and Word Processors selected

3. Select the buttons to install or reinstall word processor Add-ins.

Disabling Word Processing Plugins

1. To disable plug-ins, select: Tools > Add-ons

Zotero menu showing Add-ons option under Tools

2. From the Add-ons window, you will be able to disable integration for Microsoft Word and LibreOffice/Open Office by selecting the Disable button.

Zotero Add-ons Manager window showing available word processor plug-ins

3. You will need to restart for changes to occur.