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ARHI.3520-081: Contemporary Art and Culture

Using MLA Citation Style

You may be writing a research or term paper and your professor has asked you to use MLA style citations. This guide connects you to step-by-step instructions for incorporating MLA style citations in to your paper. 

The current version, (June, 2021), of the MLA citation style is the 9th edition. Content on the 8th edition in this guide will remain visible for the present, since some publications and instructors will still be requiring it. Content on the 9th edition is included also.

MLA style gives references in the text to a list of works cited. It's distinguishing features 

  • are an emphasis on author and title instead of the date
  • the use of in-text citations, not bibliographic notes.

What is new in the eighth edition of MLA style is the approach to creating a list of works cited. Works are no longer cited by publication format.

► MLA Style Center Telling it like it IS for MLA writing style. This is the comprehensive, up to date source for all aspects of formatting and citing in MLA style. It includes detailed instruction on formatting and layout, as well as complete description and examples of how to cite every media type. The site includes video and interactive practice options. Includes such spine tingling topics as "US or U.S.?" Very methodical approach to topics and questions about writing style.