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City of Lowell Department of Planning and Development Collection

About the "Lowell : The Building Book"

Lowell: The Building Book was published by the City of Lowell’s Division of Planning and Development in 1977 in response to the extensive architectural survey work compiled for the Lowell National Historical Park & Preservation District Cultural Resources Inventories. The Building Book provides an overview of historical trends in the city while offering direction on how to maintain the aesthetic and historical integrity of buildings undergoing renovation. The book is heavily illustrated with historical images as well as architectural timelines and guidance on the building materials and techniques used at the time of publication.

From the text: “The initial printing of Lowell, the Building Book has resulted in the rehabilitation of two dozen commercial facades in the downtown and a multitude of residential properties through, out the City. It is the hope of this Office, that this publication will continue to foster quality rehabilitation of our rich architectural resources.

—Robert R. Gilman, Director Division of Planning and Development"

Lowell: The Building Book

Click here to view the full book in the Internet Archive.