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​Profile photos help your peers recognize you and increase the visibility of your research.

  1. Go to your profile
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  4. Crop your photo as desired and click Save to confirm your changes.

Here are some Researchers from UML

About ResearchGate Profile

The profile on ResearchGate shows an overview to the researcher’s work: their publications, their professional expertise, their institutions, their contributions, and all the questions they have answered on the website. This is the best way researchers show their peers what they have been working on, and current projects


Parts of ReseachGate Profile

A ResearchGate profile is broken down into five tabs. First, the overview highlights some of the most important things about the researcher. Second, the Contributions contain all their publications, questions, and answers. Third, the info lists details of his/her skills and research experience. Then, the Stats shows  who is viewing and downloading their research. Finally, the RG Score is designed to help measure the impact on their research.

Here is an example of ResarchGate Profile

Researcher:Xiaoqi Zhang

Example of a Profile

Your profile overview page shows the most important things about you and your work. You can always update it to create more exposure for your projects. This page contains your publications, questions, topics, awards and achievements, institutions, skills and expertise, and network.  


Your profile contributions page shows a summary of your activities when you are on ResearchGate. It has number of publications, questions, answers, followers, and citations. It also has the number of account nominations remaining for the month. 


Your profile info page contains a lot more information about you, your professional and research experience. It has also the topics that you are following, list of awards, contact information, and others. 


The profile stats page contains weekly information about your activities, institution, and country. The charts on this page show who has viewed your profile.  

How is RG Score calculated?

The RG score is based on how often other researchers interact with your content, and who they are. The higher their score, the more yours will increase.

**RG Score: 

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Profile Tips

Get More Views

On way to get get more views, downloads, and citations is by adding more publications to your profile.