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U.S. History Research

U.S. History Resources in the UML Library

americans through history

Students who major in history develop a thorough grounding in the historical process and a greater empathy and special perspective for viewing human thought and action through a broad exposure to the complexities that shape the forces of civilization. The student of history recognizes the distinctiveness of people and societies of the past, and acknowledges the threads that connect the experiences of these people over time.

This guide is designed to help you fulfill assignments in your history courses. The guide contains: 

✦ links to UML library databases and tutorials on how to navigate them
✦ selected e-books on related topics with a tutorial on how to search for library books
✦ how to make correct citations for you paper
✦ how to register for and use Interlibrary Loan
✦ what primary sources are, how to find them, and links to primary source sites

Before you start, watch the short video below which describes how research is like a conversation.

If you cannot access the above video, you can watch it here

Created by the UW-Madison Libraries 
Script adapted from Jane Hammons’ “Scholarship as Conversation” (Steely Library NKU)