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Center for Lowell History: Newspapers and Microfilm Resources

Scope and Content

The UMass Lowell Libraries Center for Lowell History houses an extensive collection of microfilmed materials. Our holdings include 19th and 20th-Century newspapers in various languages, diaries and journals, magazines and more. Highlights include the Lowell Sun and Courier as well as the diaries of Lowell abolitionist Rev. Edson and selections from the Edgar Allan Poe's archives. Users can also order microfilm through Interlibrary Loan and view/scan them at the CLH. UMass Lowell Libraries continues to work to digitize our holdings and share them on the UMass Lowell Archives and Special Collections Internet Archive Site.

page of cambodian language newspaper

From the "Cambodian Broadcaster" a bi-lingual Lowell-based newspaper published in the late 1980s.