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Libkey Nomad ( Plug-in for Chrome)

What is Libkey Nomad?

LibKey Nomad is a browser plugin -- it sits in your web browser like Chrome or Safari. It links publisher web sites to a list of most articles the library owns. It can then show when the Library has access to an article, and if not, to point you to other ways to access the article. 

For example, Libkey Nomad integrates directly into PubMed, and provides PDF download buttons and journal cover images in result lists. 

Libkey Nomad does not collect your personal information, so it is safe, when prompted, to give permission to change data on sites you visit.

How to Install

First, follow these steps to install the Libkey Nomad plugin.

Then when prompted choose your institution.  Find and select "University of Massachusetts Lowell" from the dropdown. (Start typing, it's a long scroll.)