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Libkey Nomad ( Plug-in for Chrome)

Using Libkey Nomad

Follow these steps to use the Libkey Nomad plugin for finding articles:

  1. Search for journal articles or journal titles as you normally would using PubMedGoogle Scholar, or on the web.
  2. If you use Google or Google Scholar you can be directed to publisher's pages for articles, but since you did not go through the library's links for these services, you haven't been authenticated and you'll be asked to pay to access the article. With LibKey Nomad installed, you'll see an icon that will automatically use your UML library access to authenticate you.
  3. In cases where a PDF is not available, Libkey Nomad will link you directly to a full-text version of the the article for printing, or to Interlibrary Loan.
  4. Libkey Nomad also adds buttons to search result lists within PubMed interface:
  • Journal cover images link to Browzine, an e-journal subscription tool.
  • "Download PDF" buttons link directly to article PDF files.
  • "Access options" buttons link to Inerlibrary Loan.
  • "View Complete Issue" buttons link to the table of contents for that journal issue .


Libkey Working in Elsevier

This journal was accessed directly from the web rather than through a UML library database; however because of UML authentication, the Libkey icon appears and offers a download option.


The page below is the result of a Wikipedia search on "Neural Ensemble". You can see the Libkey logo beside articles which your UML library credentials give access to.


wikipedia page