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Printing Prices

UPrint Services

Color Print- $.25, or $.375 for two sided print
Black and White- $.10, or $.15 for two-sided print  

All enrolled students receive $15 in print allotment per semester. Students will be able to add cash to their UCards in the libraries or use UCash
If you have lost your UCard and need to print, or you are a member of the public, you can purchase a reusable UPrint card in for $1.00 in either O'Leary 1st floor or Lydon 2nd floor.

For more information go to the University's UPrint webpage.



1. Have your UCard/UML ID available, or purchase a UPrint card in Lydon or O'Leary (card station coming soon).

2. Preview your job to ensure it will print how you would expect.

3. Print your job as you typically would.

4. Enter your iSiS ID Number (without the preceding "UMS") and a name for your job so you can identify it when released.

5. When you are ready to print all of your jobs, find the nearest Pharos release station (touch screen LCD device next to the printer) and swipe your card.

6. You will be shown all of your jobs; choose the ones you want and press print; delete the ones you don't!

Complete instructions on how to use UPrint are available for download in this PowerPoint Presentation format.

Within UMass Lowell Libraries, public computers are available on the 1st floor of both libraries as well as on the Mezzanine and 4th floor of O'Leary. 

For more information about UPrint and other printing locations around campus, please visit the UPrint information page.

Scanners are available in the printing areas at both O'Leary and Lydon Libraries. The scanners are high quality iVina Bookedge models that allow books to be placed over the scanner edge for single-page scanning. The scan beds are 11" x 17" so large book pages can be scanned.

Scanning management 
Scanning is managed through the BookScan Station next to each scanner. Options are provided to save scans to a USB (jump or thumb) Drive, Google Docs, email, or Scan to the printer. Printing will cost $.10 per page as explained above in pricing.

Formatting Options
File format options for saved scans are PDF, searchable PDF for text documents, TIFF for high resolution images, and JPEG for lower resolution website quality images. Also, three color modes and three resolution levels are offered as well as the ability to zoom, crop, and rotate your scan image.

If you need to read microfiche, the microfilm scanners at the Center for Lowell History have that capability.

More Information about Microfilm machines at UMass Lowell.

Location of Microfilm Machines

There are three working Microfilm Machines at the Center for Lowell History.
    •The Canon Microfilm Reader 400  is connected to a printer and can produce 8 1/2" x 11" copies on office paper.
    •The Canon Microfilm Reader 100 is not connected to a printer and so is read only.

    •The ScanPro 2200 Reader/Scanner (see below).
These machines are open to the public 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday and on the 3rd Saturday of the Month from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

The Pollard Library has microfilm machines available Mon - Thurs 9:00 AM to 9:00  PM and Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

The ScanPro 2200 at the Center for Lowell History

In May of 2019 UMass Lowell Libraries purchased the ScanPro 2200 microfilm scanner for use at the Center for Lowell History. Researchers are no longer limited to what they view / print. By using this powerful and versatile scanner, users can digitally capture and adjust key elements of microfilm and save the images in multiple formats. This improves both image quality as well as human and Optical Character Recognition readability. Embedded below are the instruction manuals for the ScanPro 2200; first the quick start guide, then the full user manual.