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How to Print as a Library Guest

The University and the library buildings are open to the public.  Guest logins and passwords to use the library vlab computer system are available at the Reference Desk on the 2nd floor of the Lydon Library and the Information desk on the 1st floor of the O'Leary Library.

In order to print while in the library, Guest accounts can be created for members of the public by navigating to the  UCaps UPrint page from a University vLabs terminal.  Once a guest user gets to this website, there is a link at the bottom to create a guest account. Guest users will create an account with their personal e-mail and password of their choosing. This account will automatically delete itself after 28 days if there is no value on it.

Once guests are logged in they can add funds by credit card via the link (Add Funds) on the bottom-left.  They will be able to print to HP_BW or BP_COLOR, or use the upload button on the top. The caveat is they will have to release their job by selecting a printer on the bottom right of MyPrintCenter. Find the printer then choose print – this is because guests don’t have a Ucard for the release stations.

Please note that if Guests forget their password they need to contact UCAPS to reset it. There unfortunately is no ‘forgot password’ function.