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Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening in U.S. Universities

Welcome to UMass Lowell

Our students come from many diverse backgrounds, and over 30% grew up speaking two or more languages in their homes. In addition, many of our international students are multi-lingual. This guide is a resource for any student seeking assistance in English language communications - from where to find writing tutoring on campus, to grammar resources, to tips on avoiding plagiarism, to pronunciation apps.

The UMass Lowell community is here to support you in your university experience; if you are confronted by a problem we hope you will reach out to instructors, staff, fellow students. We will find the right path to a solution.

This guide provides links to
 academic support, 
 conduct support to orient newly arrived students to what is expected here in Lowell, 
 resources for students working on their English language skills.

We are happy you are here!

Where to go for Help