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Spring 2021 Update

Because of the Covid 19 pandemic, the library buildings are closed. However there is staff in the library buildings on Mondays and Thursdays. Please email if you need help.



  Celine Beaudry 
  Operations & Hospitality Assistant
  Phone: 978-934-3202
  Office: O'Leary Library, 260D


Photo Placehlder Ellen MJ Keane
 Head of Access & Technical Services
 Phone: 978-934-4594
 Office: O'Leary Library, 1st Floor


 Kelly MorinKelly Morin
 Cataloging &
 Electronic Thesis Submission

 Phone: 978-934-4567
                        Office: O'Leary Library, 1st Floor
For Thesis Submission info:

Sara MarksSara Marks
 Reference Librarian
 Phone: 978-934-4581
 Office: O'Leary Library, 260A

 Rose PatonRose Paton
 Access Services
 Phone: 978-934-4551
 Office: O'Leary Library, 1st Floor


 Tony SampasTony Sampas
 Archivist & Special Projects Manager
 Phone: 978-934-4165
 Office: O'Leary Library, 260C
                       Center for Lowell History



 Meg Shields
Web Content Editor
 Office: O'Leary 240A


 Shaun sullivanShaun Sullivan
 Assistant Director

 Operations & Hospitality
 Phone: 978-934-4568
 Office: O'Leary Library, 260D


  Mee Xiong
  Archivist, Southeast Asian Digital   Archive 
O'Leary Library 260