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College Writing I

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College Writing I

Welcome to your course, College Writing I

This is a workshop course that thoroughly explores the writing process from pre-writing to revision, with an emphasis on critical thinking, sound essay structure, mechanics, and academic integrity. Students will read and practice the skills required for participation in academic discourse. Students will write expository essays throughout the semester, producing a minimum of four formal essays.

What's a Discipline?

dis * ci * pline

A field of study


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Introduction to the Library Webpage

If you cannot access the above video, you can watch it here

Using the Correct Citation Style for Your Discipline

Every discipline uses its own citation style, so it's important to know which guidelines to follow before you start writing your paper and citing your sources. Most disciplines have style manuals with supplementary websites that are updated frequently. You can use library research guides, which link you to the websites for each style.