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Women's History Month

A list of resources to help the UMass Lowell community celebrate Women’s History Month. Find out more about the history and significance of this month, the important women from history, and those who are making it today.


Picturing Women Inventors - A Smithsonian Exhibit

If you had to name an inventor, would it be a woman? Or did you first think of a man like Thomas Edison or Alexander Graham Bell? Women haven’t always had equal opportunities to be inventors, or received as much recognition. But throughout American history, women with diverse backgrounds and interests created inventions that change our lives every day.


Who Gets to Be An Inventor

Who Gets to Be an Inventory



I Have An Idea...

I Have An Idea...

Catherine "Kate" Gleason

CC. Gleason, Kate.

Catherine "Kate" Gleason became a legend for her achievements in the construction and machine-tool industries, was the first woman member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, pioneered the development of low-cost housing, and became the first woman member of the American Concrete Institute, earning the nickname "Concrete Kate".