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What is the LearningForce?

The Library's LearningForce works at the crossroads of information, instruction, and technology. The Learningforce is crucially engaged with identifying points in the pedagogical process that are sensitive to intervention, and bringing to bear effective tools as and when students need them.

Contact Meg Shields to request a LearningForce Library Guide.

The library offers its LearningForce platform to all faculty, staff and students.  Working collaboratively with faculty from a course syllabus, course assignment, term project, program, task or skillset specification, the library team will collect, catalogs and preserves videos, tutorials, podcasts, documents, readings, tips, contacts and links that are then published to the LearningForce platform and shared in a timely manner with students.  These materials can be synchronized to match course and program dates, through a Blackboard-embedded website.

The LearningForce is delivered via library guides, such as this one.

If you cannot access the above video, you can watch it here here.