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For detailed instructions on setting up and maintaining your Digital Profiles account, see this guide.

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To understand how to use Digital Profiles and other social networking sites to promote your research and teachings check out these guides below:


Digital Profiles is a repository for the building blocks of your professional activities, research, scholarship, and service. 

Since its start, Digital Profiles has partnered with more than 60% of the largest 500 universities in the US, including UMass Lowell. Out of approximately 500 faculty members, more than 80% have curriculum vitae inputed into the system. It is now up to you - the faculty - to update this content!

Digital Measures (DM) is a simple and effective way to store and export data on a faculty level and a departmental level. This program allows you to input and organize your information on teaching, service activities, research, grants etc. while also having the capability to download this data as a specific formsuch as a 16A, CV or NSF Sketch. With the consolidation of UMass Lowell's data, this program generates an ease of communication between administration and faculty.