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Help with Artstor

Saving Images to a Group

Once you have found an image that you need, click on it, and you begin the process of creating a Group from the Detail page. 

The page will have information about the image running along the right side, and an orange plus sign in the upper right corner. If you click on this, it takes you to  this page:

Click "Create a new group with image"

You will be able to name the group, decide if it will be public or private, write a description, and add tags.

It is important to pay attention to the tags at this point because this will be the means for retrieving this Group in the future. Tags organize groups. A tag can allow you to retrieve multiple groups, if they all share that tag.

So it makes sense to work out for yourself a system of tag identification and to apply it consistently to your Groups. If you are an instructor, consider using your name as well as the course name and numbers, year you are teaching the course, in addition to more general tags such as painting, 19th century, or France, for instance.

For students it makes sense to add tags such as your name, year you are taking the course, course name and number, or Exams, lectures or Assignments.

Saving Multiple Images from a Search to a Group

When creating your group, you may find several images in a search result which you want to add. Click on Select,

and you can click these images.

Add them by going to Organize, then Save Selection to Existing Group.

You will be prompted to type in the name of the group you would like to add the images to.