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Help with Artstor

How to Do It

For the purpose of this demonstration we will choose Mary Cassatt in Context. When creating Groups you have the opportunity to write a description. These can be quite detailed, if that fits with your purpose. In the case of this Group, there is a long description.

In order to copy this Group, observe the screen below:


Choose Save Image Group as, and add something to the name which will differentiate your copy from the original Group.

You will be able to choose whether the group will be private or institutional, edit the description, and manage the tags.

As with any Group you create, you will now be able to select, reorder and download the images. When you are ready to download, you will see this screen:



As you can see you have the option of downloading the images as a Powerpoint deck or a Zip file. Also, you will see the restrictions that Artstor has placed on downloads.