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Graduate Student Guide to UMass Lowell Library Services

Using Google Scholar

You can use Google Scholar to find full text articles but in order to do so you need to create some settings in your browser. This video shows you how to sync it with the UML collections to make the most of your search results. You can also sync with EndNote to add your citations to the software.

Using Google Scholar

If you cannot access the above video, you can watch it here


You may find your Google Scholar landing page is not identical to the one in the screencast. If so, click the three lines at upper left of the landing page, then click Settings.

Enable the UML Library In Google Scholar

The advantage of enabling the UML library is that once you find articles on your topic, if UML library subscribes to them you will see an icon call LIBKEY in the lefthand corner of the screen giving you the option of downloading that article.

You will need to be signed in to your Google account to use this feature, and you should be signed in to your UML email as well. Go to the Google Scholar landing page and click Sign In at the upper right corner of the screen. 

In the  Settings dropdown choose Library Links: type in University of Massachusetts Lowell and click Save.

You can also add the ones below and then hit SAVE.

open world cat UMass Lowell-full text@umllibrary Universtiy of Mass proquest full text university of massachusetts libraries=access via UML libraries