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Graduate Student Guide to UMass Lowell Library Services


  • Electronic copies:

  • Archival paper copies:
    • Search for the item:
      • 1985-present: Search the Library Catalog for any item from 1985 to present.
      • 1949-1985: Search the UMass Lowell Theses/Dissertation Database for any item from 1949 through 1985.
    • Fill out a Storage Retrieval Form including the call number and the year for the thesis/dissertation you wish to retrieve.
    • The item will be retrieved from storage within 24 hours (no weekend retrieval).
    • Contact the Circulation Desk at Lydon Library, North Campus. The paper copy must be used at Lydon Library.
  • Microfilm copies:
    • Search the UMass Lowell Theses/Dissertation Database or the UML Library Catalog as above.
    • Get the call number for the item.
    • Fill out a Storage Retrieval Form for the microfilm. There are no microfilm readers in Lydon or O'Leary. Patrons can use the readers at the Center for Lowell History. Contact Tony Sampas to set up a time, (

For questions about accessing older paper or microfilm copies of UML dissertations, contact  Denise Chandonnet.