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Lowell History: The Greater Lowell YWCA: One Hundred Years of Service and Advocacy, 1891-1991


The Anniversary Committee of the YWCA: 
Constance Frank, Chairperson 
Caryl Doucette, President, YWCA 
Christine Doyle 
Barbara Dunsford 
Jeannie Sargent Judge 
Robin Lamoureaux 
Mary Ann Simensen

Michele Ballos 
Andre Chandonnet 
Andrew Chamberlain 
Arva Clark 
Eartha Dengler 
Kathryn Gallucci 
Walter Hickey 
Gretchen Sanders joy 
Guy Le Febvre 
Martha Mayo 
Juliet Mofford 
Marc Vagos 
Chrysandra Walter 
Ethel Wilder

University of Lowell Center for Lowell History 
Lowell Historic Preservation Commission 
Lowell National Historical Park 
Lowell Sun 
Mogan Community Advisory Board 
Mogan Community Exhibits Subcommittee 
YWCA Board and Staff