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Lowell History: Freeman Ballard Shedd

Shedd Park's Benefactor

Shedd Park's Benefactor

The land and park provided a lasting gift to the residents of Lowell and a testament of the love Freeman Shedd had for the city of his birth.  In the words of fellow alderman, Carmichael, "The park will benefit men, women and children of all classes." By providing a playground for its youth, Freeman Ballard Shedd ensured that future generations of Lowell residents would have the opportunity to engage in recreational activities on spacious green lawns, or, just to sit and relax in peaceful contemplation. 


The Author

Helene Desjarlais has lived in Lowell for over twenty years and is currently Director of Development at Lowell Catholic High School.  She has always been interested in some of the lesser-known aspects of Lowell's history and has researched, written, and exhibited in several of these areas.  Among them are "A 19th Century Immigrant's View of Lowell: The Letters of John Wood, 1858-1860";  "Lincoln in Lowell - Abraham Lincoln's Visit to Lowell in 1848" (with Brad Parker); and "Lowell: A Friend of the People - The Typhoid Epidemic of 1890-91." Frequent walks through Shedd Park with her friend Adele Cooper began Helene's interest in the life of its patron - Freeman Ballard Shedd.