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Polonia: Polish in Lowell


It is hoped that a true picture of Polonia in Lowell is presented in the exhibit, but objectivity is not always possible when faces in old photographs are so familiar and when programs and events strike such personal chords.  To the visitor who is not of Polish descent, the Lowell Polish Cultural Committee seeks to reinforce a deeper appreciation of the common experiences and achievements of the many immigrant groups represented in Lowell and at the same time, spark an understanding of the Polish experience.  To the members of Polonia, the Lowell Polish Cultural Committee offers this exhibit as a celebration of who we were and who we are.

Rt. Rev. John Abucewicz 
Mary Blewett 
Dr. Mathew Czyzycki 
Arthur L. Eno, Jr. 
Colleen Garry 
Pauline M. Golec 
Walter Hickey 
Dr. John Janas 
Joan E. Klepacz 
Rev. and Mrs. Joseph Klimczak 
Jane A. Markiewicz 
Martha Mayo 
Stella M. Mazur 
Dr. and Mrs. Henry J. Mroz 
Dr. Albert Ogonowski 
Ann Stankiewicz 
Anna Szczechura 
Theodore Szczechura 
Stephen Szczepanik 
Mary Ann C. Szufnarowski

International Institute of Lowell, Inc. 
Lowell Historic Preservation Commission 
Lowell Historical Society 
Lowell Polish Cultural Committee 
Polish National Home Association 
Pulaski Club

And a special thank you to all members of Polonia