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Lowell History: Michael Largay and Alentour, a national magazine of poetry

Alentour House: Books and Chapbooks (1936 – 1945)

Counterpane / Michael Largay, 1936, Alentour House, 3 Hart’s Avenue, Lowell Mass. 22 pages unnumbered with some pages repeated. Dedication: “To John J. McNamara M. D. this fragment of appreciation.” Ten poems: Atque Vale, To a Student Nurse, Portrait, Credo for a Physician, Inspiration, Silent Song, Bewilderment, Two Stars Through a Window, Becalmed, To a Ditch Digger. End matter: “This brochure was designed and printed by the poet-printers of Alentour House. It is a hand-set first edition of four hundred copies, of which this is No. 176. Additional copies may be secured by sending ten cents to Alentour House at 3 Hart’s Ave., Lowell, Mass.” Lowell Historical Society Collection, Center for Lowell History.

A song of a Chinese night... / George Chapman, 1936, Alentour House, Lowell, Mass., 12 pages unnumbered, 15 cm, English, Brown University Library Record

Humming birds in the Mimosas / Lura Thomas McNair, 1937, Alentour House, Lowell, Mass.,13 pages unnumbered, 20 cm, poems, English. WorldCat Record 

Sylvan lights and shadows / Mabek Chase Rundlett, two bound editions, 1937, ©1941, Alentour House, Lowell, Mass., 46 pages, English. Michael Largay Collection, Center for Lowell History.

Luminarios / Dorothy A. Linney, ©1938, Alentour House, Lowell, Mass., 33 pages, 21 cm, poems, English. WorldCat Record 

The homely one... / Michael Largay, 1938, Alentour House, Lowell, Mass., 12 pages unnumbered, 18 cm. WorldCat Record 

Friends and gardens / Lura Thomas McNair (Editor), 1938, Alentour House, Lowell, Mass., 23 pages unnumbered, illustrations, 22 cm, poems, English. WorldCat Record 

After counting ten... / Michael Largay, 1939, Alentour House, Lowell, Mass., 14 pages unnumbered, 20 cm., hand-set first edition, poems, English. WorldCat Record 

Word-snow / Margaret Lohlker, 1938, Alentour House, Lowell, Mass., 12 pages, illustrations, 19 cm, poems, English. WorldCat Record 

Memory's autograph / Carl B. Ike, 1939, Alentour House, Lowell, Mass., 1 volume (unpaged), illustrations, 21 cm, English, More Author / Title Information: Hazel Dagley Heavin. WorldCat Record 

The unlistening street / Michael Largay, 1941, Alentour House, Lowell., Mass., 79 pages, 23 cm, poems, English. WorldCat Record

Poems / Roberta Hall, ©1941, Alentour House, Lowell, Mass., 66 pages 20 cm, English WorldCat Record 

Deep Bayou / Ethel Green Russell, 1941, Alentour House, Lowell, Mass., 11-63 pages, 4 preliminary leaves, 1 illustration, 19 cm, poems, English. WorldCat Record 

Cinders and gold / Mary Hunnefeld, 1944, Alentour House, Lowell, Mass., 16 pages unnumbered, illustrations (portrait), Poems, English. WorldCat Record 

As winds sweep / Mary Hunnefeld, 1945, Alentour House, Lowell, Mass., 19 pages unnumbered, 21 cm, English WorldCat Record  


Poems by Roberta Hall 1941

Sylvan Lights and Shadows by Mabel Chase Rundlett